Would you like to get a truly affordable used car with the kind of quality that can help you get lots of reliable miles around Buffalo or Lockport NY? Then shop our bargain "Vehicles under $20,000" at Hartway Motors. That's where you can find good-quality cars that will look attractive while also helping your budget look good. This selection of low-priced vehicles can change often, so keep checking to find the value-priced car you need.

Why used cars can be a good value, even at a lower price point

As you have probably heard, most new cars drop in value as soon as they get driven home. What's more, most new cars lose more of their value during the first year of ownership than they do the rest of their lives. The good news for you as a used car buyer is that you can still get a lot for your money when you shop for used cars at Hartway Motors in Medina NY. We always select cars with the quality we'd want for ourselves, even at $20,000.

Our in-house financing specialists can help you pay for the used car you want

Once you find a quality used car that fits your financial goals, our finance experts are experienced in helping you get the best available rates on a new car loan. Apply for financing in advance online to see how much you can be financed for, then drive over from Rochester or Batavia NY and talk to the friendly financing specialists in our Chevy Finance Center in Medina.

Shop our "Under $20,000 Inventory" today and get behind the wheel of a bargain

If you want to save on quality, shop our bargain inventory and keep looking till you find one you really like. Then arrange a test drive and let us help you get the right transportation with just the right price at Hartway Motors in Medina, NY.

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