From severe weather to frequently using electronics, there are a number of common factors and mistakes that can affect the health of your vehicle's battery. Medina, NY drivers can avoid unexpected battery issues by having this component inspected during each of their service visits. At Hartway Motors, Inc., we provide reliable battery inspection and replacement service. We also share tips for keeping your battery in good condition.

Limit Short Trips

To extend the lifespan of your battery, try to keep short trips in stop-and-go traffic to a minimum. This type of driving is hard on your vehicle in general. Moreover, quick trips don't give your battery the chance to fully charge.

Stay on Top of Battery Maintenance in Winter and Summer

Excessively hot and cold temperatures can also affect your battery's performance. These are the perfect times to have battery health tests performed. During these services, auto technicians can additionally check all battery connections and remove all signs of corrosion and other build-ups.

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