When an exhaust pipe leaks, it can cause a variety of problems. Most issues are minor, but there is one problem that you should never ignore.

A Foul Odor in the Cabin

An exhaust system channels gas into the atmosphere. If your vehicle's exhaust pipe has a leak, gas could enter the cabin. There are different types of gases that flow through an exhaust pipe. Some gases are easy to detect, but carbon dioxide isn't. All gas vapors are dangerous, so you should always act fast whenever the air quality drops in your cabin.

The Risks

Carbon dioxide is not a joke. If you continue to drive in a contaminated cabin, the gas will cause fatigue, dizziness, and headaches.

Because carbon dioxide has no odor, it can be tough to detect. Basically, you should look for other signs first. For example, if your gas pedal shakes or the fuel efficiency is low, an exhaust pipe is probably leaking.

An auto mechanic can fix a leaky exhaust. You can service your automobile in Medina, NY at Hartway Motors, Inc.

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